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QR Codes + NFC Tags + Augmented Reality

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ITiC works with organisations to implement the effective use of QR codes, NFC Tags and Augmented Reality (AR), helping visitors to better appreciate a heritage site via links to online and text information.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

Scanning a QR code using a mobile camera and QR App links visitors to web pages, mobile apps, text, audio, video, pictures or online games.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags

NFC Tag scanning is featured on newer Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 and Nokia phones. Data is stored on a small chip linked to an antenna that picks up an NFC enabled phone when it is ‘tapped’ on or near the Tag. NFC Tags can link to websites, open a mobile App or enable mobile payments.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This is a relatively new technology but gaining ground fast in the smartphone world. The main AR providers are Wikitude and Layar, used to create the Much Wenlock 2012 Olympic AR town tour.

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QR codes and NFC Tags use a mobile's camera or mobile GPS to link to online content. Augmented Reality enables users to scan a location or use GPS to provide a 'virtual view' of points of interest.

Together with mobile apps and GPS mapping, mobile interpretation can help people get the most out of their heritage property or site visit. The cost of introducing mobile interpretation is also relatively low and any negative visual impact is minimised, for example by using existing waypost markers.

 Smartphone Visitor Interpretation

Using mobile device interpretation

QR codes require a mobile with a camera, a contract to let you browse the web and a QR reader App installed on your smartphone.

To read NFC Tags you'll need a newer mobile (Android, Windows or Blackberry end 2011 on) with NFC scan capability built into the mobile.

You'll need a mobile App to read QR codes, scan NFC Tags or see Augmented Reality (AR). All Apps are FREE to download from iTunes, Google Play or other mobile App stores.

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ITiC recommended mobile applications:

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