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ITiC provides effective mobile interpretation

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IT's in Conservation (ITiC) provides specialist advice on the effective use of mobile and internet technologies in the heritage sector, to aid visitor education and onsite interpretation. Our aim is to help conservation and heritage bodies to make the most of their heritage assets and get interesting knowledge and useful information about the sites they manage across to the general public.

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ITiC is skilled in mobile QR code and NFC Tag technology, ideal for low-cost visitor interpretation to link to online content in almost any location with a mobile 3G or 4G signal. Even if mobile reception is poor, users can save web page links to review later on, use an App or read text only information.

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Many interesting sites, like castle ruins or National Parks, can’t offer  visitor guidance at all locations or 24/7 access to a site expert. What the heritage sector has recognised is the great potential in the use of mobile interpretation to help people that visit these types of heritage sites. 

Most importantly, the extensive QR code research on the South Downs shows that visitors are keen on mobile interpretation, which can help people of all ages to better appreciate our unique buildings, conservation and heritage, and aid their understanding of history, wildlife and culture. Interpretation materials are also robust, easy to site and negative visual impact is minimised, plus the cost of most mobile interpretation is low.

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ITiC is currently working with National Parks, councils, heritage and conservation organisations to explore the effective use of smartphone technologies in the heritage sector including mobile websites, apps, QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Augmented Reality (AR).

These technologies are only a few of the new, cost effective and practical mobile solutions ITiC is researching and implementing. To see all the ITiC consulting and smartphone services Click here

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 IT's in Conservation (ITiC) Consultants

- how it all started....

In 2010 Andrew Kerry-Bedell at ITiC began studying for a Building Conservation MSc through the Weald and Downland Museum.

It became clear there was a challenge getting the wider public engaged in conservation and heritage issues, and using mobile phones seemed an ideal way to help solve this issue.

When it came to the MSc dissertation project, Andrew combined his mobile, marketing and IT skills and partnered with the South Downs National Park to develop a new QR code based mobile interpretation trail for visitors. NFC Tags and Augmented Reality scanning  information was also added in December 2012.

The outcome was that the huge amount of MSc research was put to practical use through ITiC, a new company designed to help others benefit from emerging mobile scanning technologies.

ITiC recommended mobile applications:

To scan South Downs signs you'll need a FREE QR code reader, AR and NFC Tag reader App.

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