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The QR code research project at Dover castle

Strategic points during your visit to the castle will feature QR codes, on posts, on boards and walls. The plan is to site QR codes at key points of visitor interest, which may change from June to August.

QR codes are likely to be featured at the Great Tower (an online visit if you can't manage steps), the Anglo Saxon church, trebuchet siege engine, medieval tunnels, NAAFI restaurant, battlements walk, Admiralty lookout and provide online interactive and video tours of the secret wartime tunnels.

 About Dover Castle

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Dover Castle - the mighty Kent fortress

Dover castle started as an Iron Age hill fort commanding the spectacular ‘White Cliffs’ of Dover. It houses a Roman lighthouse and an Anglo-Saxon church, probably part of a Saxon fortified settlement at this strategic shortest crossing point between England and France.

The Castle is a great medieval fortress. After 1066 William the Conqueror built a Norman earthwork and timber-stockaded castle. King Henry II began the great stone castle in the 1160s and, at the medieval castle’s heart, stands the 25m high mighty keep or Great Tower, the grandest of all the keeps raised by the kings of England up to the 12th century.

The interior of Henry’s Great Tower palace has been breathtakingly recreated by English Heritage historians, artists and craftspeople, presented as it might have appeared in 1184. The mighty trebuchet replica sits next to it.

Dover castle is not just about medieval history. It had a key role in the Dunkirk evacuation, aided troops as a WW2 military hospital and has miles of 200 year old secret tunnels under the cliffs, used throughout the Cold War.

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