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ITiC provides expertise in the application of new technologies. We aim to help everyone to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our buildings, history and culture through the use, development and adaptation of these technologies. Our ultimate goal is to provide knowledge and information to people of all ages, through the most suitable methods and channels, in order to help us conserve UK heritage assets for future generations.

We undertake client projects that look at using new technologies like QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile apps and GPS tracking apps. We also help you optimise your existing website through better design, content, navigation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and online advertising. We provide consulting advice on email and SMS messaging and improving staff collaboration using new cloud technologies, all at reasonable consulting day-rates.

IT's in Conservation is part of 12BC and KB Consultants based in Chichester and Middlesex, with clients across London, the South, South East and Midlands.

Contact us to meet for an informal and confidential consultation about the use of new technology with your heritage project or for more details about our services.

Contact IT's in Conservation

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