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Expert email and social media marketing

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Email and social media marketing is the most cost efficient mass-marketing way of promoting your organisation, using an integrated programme via KBC.

Email and social marketing are the second most important media to your website to get across what your organisation is all about and what you offer.

Good email and social media can gain effective awareness of your products, services, promotions, events and competitive differences rapidly and easily.

Whilst their principles are simple, creating good email and social media campaigns is an art to ensure they integrate with all your other marketing. 

KB Consultants has provided successful email and social media campaigns since 2003, marketing Microsoft partners, cloud solutions, special offers, seminars and B2B services for 20+ organisations.

We provide expert email and social marketing consulting, design, visuals, messaging and copy, complete email and social media setup, and source and provide email data to exact specifications.

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Our email and social media services

  • Setup of YouTube, Twitter & Facebook
  • Email & social media marketing strategy
  • Email platform and template setup
  • Email, social and blog content creation
  • Email data sourcing and data provision
  • Social media and email management

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Examples of recent KBC email campaigns

Examples of recent KBC email campaigns

Key elements of a good email campaign

  • Attractive branding, design and layout
  • Strong email focus and messaging
  • Clear 'call to action' e.g. free workshop
  • Well written content in good English
  • Links to support content e.g. web PDF
  • Visually interactive links e.g. video
  • Data targeting by area, sector and size
  • Database of circa 25000 email contacts
  • Facility for email opt-in and unsubscribe
  • Internal email follow-up process & ROI