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QR Codes + NFC Tags + Augmented Reality

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Mobi-Scan works with clients to implement the effective use of QR codes, NFC and Augmented Reality to provide mobile web links to offers, information, map trails, social media, bookings and payments. Mobile scans can also link to mobile apps and maps for mobile users at outdoor sites.

Quick Response (QR) Codes See videos of how QR codes, NFC Tags and AR work and their benefits

QR code scanning using a mobile and QR reader App can link users to mobile pages, apps, text, audio, video, social media or online games.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags

NFC Tags  are scanned by placing an NFC enabled phone over an NFC Tag. Built into posters, signs, pens or coasters, they can do everything QR codes can, plus open up mobile Apps or enable mobile payments.

Augmented Reality (AR)

A new technology that is rapidly gaining ground in the smartphone world. With many different types of AR, the best vision-based AR platform is Layar. Mobi-Scan creates visual icons that 'float' over an AR 'trigger' image, providing instant 'touch-to-connect' onscreen links for smartphone users.

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QR codes and NFC Tags use a mobile's camera or mobile GPS to link to online content. Augmented Reality enables users to scan a location or use GPS to provide a 'virtual view' of points of interest.

Together with mobile apps and GPS mapping, mobile scanning tools can help users get the most out of their day out or event visit. The cost of introducing mobile interpretation is also relatively low and you can make the most of content already created such as using poster images to trigger AR links. 

 Smartphone Scanning Requirements

Using mobile device scanning

QR codes require a mobile with a camera, a contract to let users browse the web and a QR reader App installed on a user's smartphone.

To read NFC Tags users need a post 2011 mobile device (Android, Windows, Nokia or Blackberry) with NFC scan capability built in.

Users need a mobile App to scan QR codes or NFC Tags or see Augmented Reality (AR). All Apps are FREE to download from iTunes, Google Play or most other mobile App stores.

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