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Mobi-Scan for effective mobile solutions

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Mobi-Scan provides specialist consulting and practical solutions for all organisations seeking to take advantage of the rapid growth in the use of mobile, smartphone and tablet devices by the UK public.

94% of the UK population has a mobile and two-thirds own a highly capable smartphone to link to online content in almost any location using standard mobile 3G, or a newer 4G signal in some cities.

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Mobi-Scan works with National Parks, NGOs, councils, heritage and conservation organisations and commercial clients involved with brand management, sports and outdoor entertainment events.

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The extensive QR code research on the South Downs undertaken by Mobi-Scan shows visitors of all ages are keen on mobile scan technology.

We help clients generate and maintain loyal users and get interesting information across in a practical way, for brands, services and a range of indoor and outdoor sports, media, music and entertainment events.

Our smartphone and web solutions help people of all ages to develop a better awareness and appreciation of products and events and enable them to review, interact and share their experiences with other friends.

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We work with clients to implement the effective use of QR codes, NFC and Augmented Reality (AR) to provide mobile web links to offers, information, map trails, social media, booking and payments. We also provide mobile scanning, app, map and Wi-Fi solutions for users at live outdoor events.

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- how it all started....

In 2010 Mobi-Scan CEO Andrew Kerry-Bedell began study for a Building Conservation MSc through the Weald and Downland Museum.

It became clear there was a challenge getting the wider public engaged in conservation and heritage issues, and using mobile phones seemed an ideal way to help solve this issue.

When it came to the MSc dissertation project, Andrew combined his mobile, marketing and IT skills and a South Downs National Park partnership to develop a new QR code based mobile interpretation trail for visitors. NFC Tags and Augmented Reality scanning information was also added in December 2012.

The outcome was that all the MSc research was put to practical use via Mobi-Scan, a new company designed to help others benefit from these emerging mobile scanning technologies.

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