East Head cyclists

Local cycling news

  • On 22nd December the new Centurion Way path from Binderton to West Dean opened – Read more | Download map
  • Work finished in December on the Emsworth cycle path and pedestrian footway on the A259 and A27 junction
  • Latest news from Hampshire County Council on cycle paths to link together the main areas of the borough – click here
  • Anyone interested in cycling in the Chichester area is welcome to contribute their views – see our cycling online forum
  • Why not come along to our open meetings that take place three or four times a year – see the events page

The key conclusions drawn from the 2015 Chichester Cycle Forum meetings were:

  • There is no clear pathway for people promoting a scheme to get even to the first step of a feasibility study
  • Far too little is being spent on cycling infrastructure as a proportion of the total roads budget
  • Air quality will only improve when there is a conscious switch to cycling
  • Strategy and implementation of cycling schemes is a major concern
  • Cycling infrastructure needs to be of a much higher standard
  • Cycling needs to be seen as a valid means of transport
  • Dedicated lanes that are physically separated are required
  • Routes must be continuous on both sides of the road
  • Cycle routes need to be properly maintained