Upcoming Chichester and District Cycle Forum meetings

  • Next meeting February 2016 TBC

Previous meetings

On the 24th November the Forum met to discuss the Manhood peninsular route, ChemRoute, the March 2016 cycle infrastructure workshop, West Sussex CC and Chichester Council events and Sustrans events. Click here for the report

On the 30th September, Chemroute Action Group in conjunction with the Emsworth Cycle Club held a consultation meeting about cycling on the A259 at Emsworth Community Centre, North Street.

This was an opportunity to hear about and discuss the Chemroute project and see it on maps, with a chance for local residents to put forward suggestions for improvements on the A259 for cyclists, pedestrians and mobility scooter users.

  • To see the contributions and conclusions from the meeting – Click here
  • Please contact the Secretary Rupert for details of the next Chemroute meeting – Click here

For details on the latest meeting let us know, or contact Chemroute via Facebook.

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  • Annual 100, 73 and 42 mile South Downs cycle ride event in October – click here